"You must never judge someone on the basis of his own self-conscious image but
on the basis of the whole process which, behind his consciousness, produces it."


In 1886 Ottmar Mergenthaler invented the Linotype machine, the first to mechanize the printing process of text compositions. As a result, typographic matrices were born, which were fused and reused.
In 1914, after the Russian October Revolution an artistic movement is born: Russian Constructivism.
In 1921, Yevgueni Zamiatin writes We.
In 1932, Aldous Huxley writes Brave New World.
In 1949, George Orwell writes 1984.
In 1953 Ray Bradbury writes Farenheit 451.
In 1970 Louis Althusser considers his article Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses finished.
In 1975 Michel Foucault publishes Discipline and Punish.

I wonder if, as subjects, we are a symbolic construction as Althusser said. That ultimately, we don't choose but believe we choose. That we have roles and those roles are taught to generate custom and default usage. I have doubts, questions, but I could think they are actually not mine. I can't answer them for now. A part of me says it's true, other parts feel it's not. I am sure that what is real is something to find-discover as we inhabit spaces full of behaviour and coexistence norms that normalize us.

Nicolás Rodríguez