The South of things

The work presents a tea-table for four: every element is missing its South, and therefore it falls apart. The position of the parts suggests a paused fall, inviting the spectator to walk around it, while having a different encounter with time-space. The choice of tea, as a usual custom, refers to an european tradition, appropiated by the higher social classes of our region.

The South of things is born as the chance to point out the part that sustains the whole of a body. That body can be made of tangible elements, corporeal, 3-D bodies, but it can also be composed of abstract ideas, concepts or sensations. The North has always been presented as the thing we shouldn't lose, that which gives us direction and order. A kind of goal. And it is the North's face, the visible and recognizable face. But as we all know, every reality has its transparencies and opacities. The part that is presented and the one that is not shown or impossible to see. For the North to exist, there must be a sustaining South that holds it up, as an East and West that ensure its extension. This work invites to think of the South as a condition, to think of us as a region and discuss the naturalized geopolitical roles.