Machineries, part one

“You must never judge someone on the basis of his own self-conscious image but on the basis of the whole process which, behind his consciousness, produces it.”

This project is born inspired by Richard Hamilton’s (1949) “Reaper” series of engravings. There, the artist performs a series of linear sketches of a harvesting machine based in Sigfried Giedion’s “Mechanization Takes Command”, published in 1948. Giedion’s book talks about how technological advances in the productive system and the products themselves, would improve people’s lives.

This series allowed me to investigate that machine’s technical resources with simple contrasting forms.

Encouraged by Hamilton’s harvesting machine I got to the Lynotipe machine. A beautiful machine, I was impressed by its structure, size and impossible weight. But most of all of its production. The things it produced. Typographic matrices that were to be used by the graphic industry. Typographic matrices. Matrices.

The machinic gesture is constituent of these series. Gesture as the thing that animates, that stimulates, that precedes, that germinates into a predetermined form, never accidental. A linear gesture, a stenographic gesture, a synthesizer gesture, a normalizer gesture. Diffuse-body machineries and invisible ones that operate continuously.

A Machinery-factory of molds, habits, practices, ideas and meaning.

Machineries, part two

These collages are presented as triggers. Symbolic elements that come from music, literature, visual culture and everyday experiences, accompanied by the meaning of a word, that would give the created image a new meaning.