180 cm x 280 cm – 60cm x 30cm x 250
A4 color laser printings on wall
Cobalt Blue, tales from the outside series
Site specific intervention – Ecocides exhibition – Museo del Hambre

“A knob triggers the discharge from the plane’s cabin or from the ground applicator, the poison runs through the tubes and searches for its destination: air, water, land, animals, plants, communities, schools, people. Who are those responsible for that destiny?

The struggle of the people and communities that defend themselves from aerial spraying and deforestation grows day by day. The struggle of all those who believe that there is another way for the production of food outside the transgenic model, too. The gains of these struggles, although the dimension of the damage makes them appear small, are more and more intense. The awareness of the population throughout the country, including large cities, increases and expands. It is a meter by meter battle and the defenders of this model of agribusiness, political leaders, scientists, academics and producers of course, must face, expose themselves and give explanations. Ecocides exist and resist change. And they are on the other side of the grove, around the corner.

Extractivism, in its contemporary, biotechnological and financial version, presents a singular quality: it aims to build a regime of visibility based (paradoxically) on everything that it does not let us see, that it hides. From the world of images we propose to use our counterpower strength. This exhibition is our humble contribution to try to make visible some of the social, sanitary, environmental, urban and cultural consequences of the ecocidal thought, annihilating, exterminating life, sadly pairing with the genocidal thought. With the conviction that there is another way and that there are many of us who are already going through it. ”

Eduardo Molinari

I digitally draw and compose an endless four-part pattern, to print and create a wallpaper on the wall and column.